It all started when...

Waaaay back in 2003, while completing my degree in Art Education, I took a course in typography and design. It was a match made in heaven. I loved the precision of arranging words in new and interesting ways. My professor suggested that if I ever changed my mind about teaching, typography should be the career for me. I brushed her comment aside at the time since I loved teaching too.

Now that I have set teaching aside to be a mum to four fantastic boys, I am excited to pick up typography and design once more. In early 2016 I discovered hand lettering and still can't put my pens down. When I'm not lettering (those 4 boys need their Mum pretty often!) I'm thinking of new ways to create interesting compositions of letters. While I sketch wherever possible (at the playground, waiting for kids at piano lessons...) I can usually be found creating in the early hours catching first morning sunshine through my window.

As a very busy mom myself, I find the day to day of caring for home and family can be exhausting. I love looking forward to celebrating special milestones and gathering with loved ones. A little escape, if you will from the endless mountains of laundry ;) My mission is to help busy moms make sweet memories and celebrate life's best moments with their families.

If you need a little escape from the everyday, I'd love to help you throw a celebration to remember :) CLICK HERE to check out the shop.

Here's to more 'best moments'!